Why I am running for State Assembly

I was drawn to run for the 56th Assembly Seat for several reasons.

Since 2003 I have been involved in citizen advocacy for the environment through the Sierra Club and activities with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. I have been getting progressively more involved from writing letters to going down to Madison and lobbying for or against legislation. I have spoken with my legislators many times over the years. Running for office is an extension of that activity.

The current incumbent, Michelle Litjens, ran unopposed in the general election of 2010. That bothered me because she does not mirror some of my values. There simply was not a candidate for whom I could vote. We share some basic values but many of her ideas mirror those of the current administration in Madison. She has supported jobs over environmental concerns at nearly all costs, she supports very limited government and she has supported the end of collective bargaining for public employees to name just several issues.

My husband and I participated in the protests in Madison over the course of several weekends and that activity helped me to make the decision to run for this office.

I finally looked in the mirror instead of looking elsewhere for a candidate and decided I could bring my life experiences to the table and run for office. I chose the state level because I have been working on that level of issues for years.

I knew before I filed for my candidacy that there would be another Democratic challenger and a primary. I still chose to run because I believe my varied life experiences and my work on state level issues makes me a better candidate. My Democratic opponent has been working mostly on city issues as far as I am aware.

I’ve watched as other citizen environmentalists have successfully engaged the political process and have been elected to the State Assembly. I believe I am ready to follow in their footsteps and stand on their shoulders.